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Our FAQ is a living, breathing space where we will offer new information, user feedback and tips deigned to make our solution easier to use. Feel free to send us your questions and suggestions. We’ll take them on board as we further develop our product and its capabilities.


Are there any technical requirements to access Shadline?

No software or plug-in installation is required. You only need a web browser and connect to https://shadline.com.

Which web browsers are supported?
Shadline is fully optimized for the main web browsers on the market: Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer 11. Having a recent and updated web browser is key for your security. Furthermore, we rely on their new features to enhance our application performance and design. As such we made the choice to support only the latest versions of these browsers. If your browser is not up-to-date, we strongly suggest that you install the latest updates.
Safari and Opera also work but with few restrictions on files download. We are actively working to ensure their full compliance with the application.


What is the accounts certification all about ?

Shadline is designed for professionals. In order to ensure a proper handling of it, the user must enter a professional email address where he will receive a certification code he will have to transfer to his account management space.

When an account is deleted, will the information and the files be kept?

No, they won’t.  The account deletion works like the deletion of a Line. The deletion of information is a secure, definitive and irrevocable action.

If the account is created by a company, what happens after the departure of a collaborator?

The former collaborator can enjoy the benefit of a Shadline account on a personal basis with an access to personal Lines and to his or her storage space but will be definitively denied access to the Lines and associate files of his or her company. His or her connection and contact addresses will be reset with his or her personal email address.

How can I find contacts on Shadline?

You just have to type their names or their professional email addresses into the internal search bar.

Can I invite non-members of Shadline to a Line?

The Lines are exclusively open to Shadline members but you can invite someone to join Shadline from a Line. They will be able to join the Line after having created their accounts : it’s simple and easy !

How can I invite someone on Shadline?

You can invite your contacts when a Line is created or by sending them a prompt when a file is transferred.

What type of access do the administrators have at their disposal?

The design of Shadline is based on the fact that administrators do not store any passwords and cannot have access to unencrypted data.


Can I retrieve a copy of the messages that have been exchanged after the expiry of a Line?

No, you can’t.  As soon as the Line has expired, all the files and messages that are associated to it, will be deleted in a secure, definitive and irrevocable way with the exception of the companies on a « on-demand » basis which can define archiving principles for legal and regulatory compliance reasons.

If the Line expires shortly, is it possible to extend its lifespan?

Yes it is but only the creator of the Line can modify its parameters. He can also delegate his rights to selected Line users.

Can a Line user invite other Shadline members to join his Line?

By default, only the Line creator can invite members to join the Line but he can delegate this right to one of his contacts in the Line.

Is the number of users per Line limited?

No, it’s not. Lines can be used in relatively small groups or in larger groups of users.


Can I share files with people who do not have Shadline accounts?

Yes, you can. A specific interface allows you to make files hosted on Shadline available to non-members. Accesses are logged and the download parameters can be set. In addition, each recipient receives a personal link which facilitates the follow-up and control of downloads.

When an account is deleted, will the information and the files be kept?

No, they won’t.  The account deletion works like the deletion of a Line. The deletion of information is a secure, definitive and irrevocable action.

Where are my data stored?

All data are stored in France. All stakeholders and providers are French.


What are the key technical components of Shadline?

The solution relies on a security Block (an encrypted and distributed open source cloud solution) which stores files and Lines.