Improve daily

And be ready to face any cyber crisis

Make your key data unexposed to ransomwares

Ransomware attacks leads to the Cryptolocking of all your data, even your Safeguards.

The technology developped by Shadline makes your key data IMUNE.

Access immediately to your key data

The first hours are crucial to tackle a Cyber Crisis. Obligations and Core processes key data remain safe and of immediate access for your CRISIS TEAM.

Secure your Business Continuity

When it is Cyber Wartime, Shadline secures both your Key Data and your Communication Channels. Your Business Continuity Plan remains operative.

Fasten your Cyber recovery

Cryptolockers destroy the IT/OT data you need to recover. Escrow those within Shadline (scripts, active directories, domain controllers, licences keys, logs…) and recover faster.

Ensure Compliance

With Shadline you can control the lifetime and spread of any data. No occurrence of this data will remain afterwards. Combined with local cloud hosting, be compliant with key regulations such as GDRP.

A successful Cyber engagement

Shadline is intuitive and rewarded for being so user friendly. You can increase engagement both internally but also with any third party that you can to onboard within seconds (partner, expert, lawyer…).

Achieve giant steps with Shadline

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